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Barbara Edwards

My husband and I have been struggling to raise our two special needs children as Catholics. You could argue that they need to know less, because they are so simple, but I would argue that their faith needs to be really strong, because they are weak. They need to be prepared for when my husband and I, who are 40 years older than our kids, will be gone.

Our kids managed through elementary and middle school catechism classes, but when they hit high school, catechism was difficult because they were too out-of-step with their peers to get much out of the youth group our church ran.

For catechism, then, (among other things) we had the kids watch Bishop Barron’s CATHOLICISM videos, and they were wonderful. Even when the dialogue ran over their heads on occasion, the beautiful photography was priceless and meaningful. We’ve watched the entire series several times, and it’s really helped. They both just graduated from high school, and I am proud to say (although also sorry to say) that my two special needs teenagers know more about their Catholic faith than many adults who begin their conversations by saying, “I was raised Catholic.”

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