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Keith Furman

Bishop Barron plays an important role in my daily living through his daily readings. I first learned of him through the CATHOLICISM series, then his Word on Fire book, and then his other books. I have found my faith and resolve in the Catholic Church increasing and strengthening through the Word on Fire ministry.

The Catholic Church brings a sense of peace and helps me not become caught up in the disposable culture we live in. I teach Sunday school, and Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire book is always on my table along with my Bible. I frequently use the Bishop’s daily messages as a clear method of explaining passages. (So know that social media can be used in a positive way!)

I should mention at this time that I am a somewhat reluctant Evangelical Protestant. My wife is a Pentecostal and a former deaconess in her church. The Sunday school I teach is in her church. While I stand alone in my belief in the Catholic Church, I have the best attended class, and even other teachers will look my way for answers. While I do not actively try to convert children, I do want to show them there is more out there. I feel if one takes a further interest in Catholicism, my work has been successful. With Bishop Barron’s help, unknowingly on his part, I do my best to walk my faith every day. Some days I walk slower and maybe a little sideways, but always forward.

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