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Jose Cabaleiro

I just wanted to thank all of you at Word on Fire for the great work you do through your ministry. I discovered Word on Fire a few years ago while channel surfing on TV. I stumbled across Bishop Barron preaching the last seven words of Jesus at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Good Friday.

I immediately connected with him and I believe the Holy Spirit drew me to learn a little more about him, which led me to Word on Fire. I have been going to your website every day since then. I love Bishop Barron and the way he teaches and preaches, in a very down-to-earth way. I learn new things all the time. Because of him, I began reading C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, and many other writers.

But it’s not just Bishop Barron. All that contribute to the ministry each day through articles, blog entries, podcasts, etc., are excellent and impactful. I have grown spiritually because of you. I have shared countless articles and blog posts with my family and friends, hoping that they touch them the way they impact me.

You have an incredibly gifted group of people there, and I can see Jesus working in you and through you. I wanted you to know that your ministry is touching many lives. I will continue to pray for Bishop Barron and all of you guys that you continue to do such great work. Please, if you would, pray for me that I might see more clearly how Jesus might be calling me to serve Him.

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