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Colleen Carling

I came back to the church after an almost 20 year absence. When I finally started attending church again, I ended up finding out about the Bishop because of Twitter! Someone had tweeted about an interview you did for a secular YouTube show [The Rubin Report], so I watched it.

I liked the answers and the friendly demeanor, so I looked up more of the Bishop’s videos on YouTube. I've now pretty much watched them all, which has been very helpful in getting a better understanding of Catholicism.

One thing that I found intriguing was the wealth of knowledge and intelligence displayed by the Bishop. One thing that always nagged me was if I was being stupid or irrational for trying to have faith. I would try to rationalize whether prayer really worked or if it was just all in my head. I figure that since the couple of priests I've had conversations with are very bright and well-educated individuals, then maybe having faith is the intelligent choice.

I've only been back at church since December, so my faith has a long way to go, but I'm glad the Bishop is willing to share his love of God with the rest of us. It helps me a whole lot.

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